Do you have a half-assed friend?

I apologize for the expletive but I didn’t know how else to word this post.

This is taken from iVillage‘s compilation of toxic people that we need to kick out of our life.

The Half-Assed Friend

She forgets to return calls for months, doesn’t acknowledge your special occasions and is generally MIA. When you do make plans, she’s always rescheduling at the last minute or showing up super late.

“You should dump this ‘friend’ because she does not respect your time or your life,” says LeRoy. “You need to spend that time with those who do appreciate you as a friend and who are interested in your life.”
The verdict: Time to move on to someone who has friendship to give.

I have been weeding through my friends list like a bloodhound on code red. I must have deleted over 150 “friends” on Facebook and honestly? I can’t remember more than a handful that I’ve deleted. There were more “friends of friends” than anything and people I can’t even recall talking to since grade school.

But of the most hurtful? It has to be the close friends that still haven’t acknowledged my pregnancy. I announced in February and still nothing. Not a peep. And to the very close friend who was even my bridesmaid that I called & informed myself? I haven’t heard from her in 2 months since. Oh, and they are all from the same group of girls. Coincidence I think not. I am amazed to put it lightly.


I didn’t think it would be this hard but I’m still finding it hard to cut this particular friend out of my life. I have known her for more than a decade and have been close as thieves for more than half. I love her tremendously and am confused, hurt, disappointed, angry… it feels like a break-up. I believe I’ve done more than enough on my share to reach out to her.

Where I’ve lost friends, I have in their place found amazing support and love from others who have reached out and kept me sane. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness.

There’s nothing left to be done but to let go and wish this particular friend well. I’m going to be a mama in a matter of 2 months. I don’t have time for this shit. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Do you have a half-assed friend?”

  1. Sometimes friendships wear out. Sometimes they need a break.
    I tried for a very long time to get pregnant. I called a close friend to share the exciting news and her response: “Don’t get too excited, most first pregnancies end in miscarriage.”
    Since I made up my mind that I needed nothing but positive thoughts around me with this pregnancy, I had to end our friendship. I realized that we had been growing apart and this was what I needed to close the door on that chapter.


    1. Definitely agree with you. There has been some wear and tear in the previous 2 years and my move to the Caribbean probably hasn’t helped much. Just gotta let nature takes its’ course I guess. Thank you for your insight!


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