Let’s all stare at the pregnant lady.


I know it can’t be helped. I admit – I think I looked a second longer than necessary when I saw a pregnant woman.

But now that the shoe is on the other foot, it sure feels strange when you feel like you’re being stared at wherever you go. It feels like I’m on The Truman Show, a specimen under a microscope or being viewed with the wrong end of a telescope.

Some of the things that might run through my head when I catch people staring:

  • “Is there something in my nose?”
  • “Did my dress get caught in my underwear?”
  • “Did a boob unknowingly flop out?!” 😯
  • “Can that stranger tell that I gained 30 pounds already?”
  • “She’s probably trying to guess how far along I am. I bet she’s going to come over here and ask me… Yup. Here she comes.”

The worst ones are the people that judge you about your food choices. “You know. You shouldn’t be eating/drinking that. You’re pregnant.”  Especially when it’s coming from someone that A) you don’t know or B) a co-worker who is an alcoholic who smokes like a chimney and has a mental disorder.

However, on the flip side: This article from Momaroo states that people stare at the pregnant lady because she is “glowing” from her pregnancy. We, pregnant ladies might think that we are hideous and more troll-esque than stunning but that just might not be the case…? Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Let’s all stare at the pregnant lady.”

  1. Lol, I don’t know… if I glance twice, it’s first to confirm that the bump in front of her is a baby-bump, and then to marvel at the fact that she is casually carrying a growing human being inside of her. It’s amazing, really. We all gotta start somewhere, and God chose a woman’s womb…


  2. “Is she pregnant or is she just fat?” That’s why I stare at least. And, if I’m staring for a really long time, it’s because I’m imagining what you looked like before the pregnancy. Sorry about that.


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