What I Ate Wednesday + First big baby purchase!

I realized that I hadn’t done a What I Ate Wednesday post in awhile. Oops. Hence why I am being proactive and writing it the day before. 😀

My mornings have been starting a little earlier due to crazy island traffic. Just to show you how these one-lane roads can infuriate the tranquilest of minds:


These are one of the main roads home and it kills me every time. This is a narrow one lane for a T-intersection that offers no light or stop sign for opposing traffic. There are cars coming from both sides and we just have to wish for the best when we make that horrific left turn. Gah!

Back to my eats for today: The morning started off with a iced soy coffee with 2 granny smith apples smothered with cinnamon and Justin’s almond butter. These days I have to get my fair share of carbs+fat+protein to feel satisfied and feel okay.



Lunch was probably not the best but I was running late and grabbed whatever I saw thawing in the fridge. I remember seeing these @ Costco too. It was yummy. 🙂


Couldn’t finish the Diet Coke though for some reason…… Honestly? It was giving me gas. :mrgreen:


I had some unsalted almonds mixed in with some delicious Trader Joe’s Honey Sesame Almonds as my snack throughout the day. I’m so glad I brought back 2 bags with me!


Dinner: Paul and I had chicken breast with munster cheese, lemony asparagus and basmati rice. Everything was simply seasoned with salt, black pepper and a whole lemon. My belly was happy.


And for our first big baby purchase…


This is originally less than $100 in the states. We bought it on the island and it was closer to $250. RIDICULOUS!!!


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