Wedding invitations speak for themselves

I was going through my week-old emails and came across this iVillage article, “Wedding Invitation Says Everything You Can’t…But Wish You Could.”


I almost laughed out loud at work when I saw this because I’m assuming that everything on the first card happened to everyone’s wedding. Mine included.

  • A good friend of mine TEXTED me 3 hours before the wedding saying that she was too sick to attend. Can I say that I had just seen her 2 days prior at one of my bridesmaid’s birthday shindig? She didn’t seem too sick to knock back a few shots.
  • My husband invited his friend who didn’t mention that he had a girlfriend AND a toddler. His friend decided to just bring them along without notifying us in advance. They gifted us with a $50 gift card to Target…
  • I invited my friend’s long-time boyfriend as her +1 and found out that she came alone. When asked of his attendance, she said that he normally doesn’t like these things. Oh, really? Thank you for telling me ahead of time.


Thank goodness I didn’t encounter as many problems but I did have 2 small episodes all stemming from the same friend. She got inebriated with the open bar and started having a tiff with her boyfriend. He didn’t look very happy. Nor did it tickle his funny bone when she wandered off and somehow managed to bite my husband’s friend’s finger. We don’t know why. Thank goodness that he was a good sport… and drunk. πŸ˜€

  • Share your funny and strange wedding stories or the ones you experienced at a wedding.

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