28th Birthday Update + Happy Mother’s Day!

First off, happy mother’s day! I didn’t know I fell into this category just yet but yay! 🙂

I am lucky to have a mom like mine. I would be happy if I can be half the mom she is. She is an inspiration. ❤


And this is a few days late but my birthday was low-key but sweet. A lot of co-workers and friends wished me a happy birthday and this mammoth floral arrangement that Paul surprised with me at work was nothing short of sweet.


He took me to a well known Brazilian restaurant and I feasted like a queen! Yum! Ambiance and service was stellar.


I don’t know if many of you are accustomed to this kind of service but I was surprised that this island had these little service devices on each table. In most cafes, bars and restaurants in Koreatown, Los Angeles, they are all littered with these ingenious devices. Instead of looking for your waiter or attempting to even flag down any waiter at a busy restaurant, you just press a button and they come to you in a wink.


My most recent picture of my chubby pregnant self. Hope you guys all had a great weekend!



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