Marriage License Blunders. Oops.


To ensure that all you future brides & grooms have a smoother transition, I will share with you how not to botch up this simple process… like we did. 😀

  1. First and foremost, remember to bring your marriage license to your ceremony! Or better yet, entrust this small but very important task to someone you can rely on.I completely forgot about it until AFTER the ceremony was over. Ay caramba!
  2. When you’re filling out your application, be preemptive and just request/pay for 2-3 extra copies of your approved marriage license. It’ll save you time and the headache afterwards.We didn’t do so and wondered for 2 months if we were officially married or not since we didn’t get anything in the mail. I finally looked into it and realized that if you hadn’t requested it initially, the state of California doesn’t have to notify you of its’ approval. On my recent trip back to L.A., I had the fun errand of requesting these copies.If you live in California & wish to receive them via regular mail, I will save you the trouble:
    1. Go to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk website
    2. Scroll down to the Marriage Records section
    3. Print out 2 documents (varies depending on public or confidential marriages). We had a public marriage so I am including those below:
      –  Application for Public Marriage Record
      Certificate of Identity
      * NOTE: Print out extra copies or don’t write/sign anything until you know for sure what you’re doing!
    4. Find a notary & have them notarize the Certificate of Identity document. Have your driver’s license/state ID/passport and cash/card handy. I had to pay $10 for this service.
    5. I didn’t have any checks on handy so I went to my local post office to make a money order. $14 for each copy.

    My mom Skype’d me to say that the official copies arrived on Friday. It took only 3 days! Nice!

  3. When filling out your initial marriage license, make sure not to cross out or make any changes to the wording. It must be someone’s job in the registrar’s office to go through each application with a fine comb because they are definitely doing their job!Our first marriage license was rejected (they send you the rejection via regular post with amendments instructions) due to 2 errors:
    • I put an ‘X’ next to each signature line for the witnesses. I thought I would make their lives easier. Don’t do this!
    • My officiant initially wrote 10/20/2011 and tried to fix it by attempting to slightly alter the 1. Doesn’t work!

    Now onto changing my passport, SS#, DL, insurance, banks/cards/checks, etc. I think I’ll hold off until next year…



2 thoughts on “Marriage License Blunders. Oops.”

  1. Changing documents seems a headache, hence I decided to keep my name as it is. Also, the marriage license thing it s complicated too. When we got married, my hubby needed just his ID and I needed my BC, ID and a status paper, we applied with these and returned after 10 days to sign some papers. After we signed the papers, they gave us the Marriage Certificate, we asked for the international version in 6 languages :p We got just one!


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