April fun in L.A – Day 3 & 4

To continue on with my latest L.A trip…

I made the 1-hour trek to Koreatown to buy some goodies to take back to Curacao, ate yummy Chinese/Korean food and went in for my second 3D/4D imaging ultrasound of our baby boy! πŸ™‚

*Note: The Chinese food made by Korean run Chinese restaurants are nothing remotely close to actual Chinese cuisine.

Complimentary: Spicy radishes (깍뚜기), kimchi, raw onion with black bean sauce & hot green tea.


Orange chicken & shrimp fried rice.


Steamed buns (꽃빡)


My favorite: Noodles with black bean sauce & pork (짜μž₯λ©΄)

Spicy seafood soup. (Jjam bbong; 짬뽕)Image
Complimentary lychee dessertImage
My Korean grocery haul. No detailed pictures unfortunately. I was completely exhausted by the time we got home. I came to L.A. a little over 6 months pregnant and I honestly thought that I would be able to run errands around town, walk laps with the dogs… basically, I thought I would be able to do what I used to do before. I was rudely awakened by the cruel truth by the 3rd day that I physically cannot. My right side of my tailbone started to act up, my knees started to buckle and the heels of my feet were bugging! I was not a happy camper. 😦

Korean black bean rice cake (λ–‘)

Another Korean rice cake but with a sticky black bean filling and a powdery rice coating. This was my favorite! I ate more than half. πŸ™‚Image
There I am. 25 weeks and 2 days.Image
Minnie wanting human food. Bad dog.
I wasn’t very hungry for dinner since I ate so many yummy rice cakes. I happily finished off most of this plate instead. Blackberries are my favorite.Image
After dinner, I decided to start writing out some Thank You card for our friends and family who helped us with our baby registry. I ordered these unbelievably cute cards from Etsy & I’m so glad I did! They came exactly as advertised and I couldn’t be more happy with them. I’m not being paid or promoting her site for any monetary gains so if you fell in love with her designs as much as I did, make sure to swing by. πŸ˜€Image
I also finished up my card and my little goody bag for my maid of honor. I chose her as my baby’s godmother. I’m going to surprise her with the news. πŸ™‚
My mom and I started our weekend early with a fun trip to our Farmer’s Market.
Cherimoya. I had never seen them before today.Image
My first pupusa! Delicious although I didn’t really care for the salsa or the coleslaw.

Horchata to wash it all down. Love this drink.Image
Grabbed some freshly popped kettle corn on the way out. MmMMmMmmImage
Strawberries we picked up. I’ve been loving fruit throughout my pregnancy and L.A. provided me with loads of it! I’m going to miss all this fresh fruit.Image
After dropping off our goodies at home, we went for a quick run to Babies ‘R Us. My first baby run & I felt so blessed to be able to park here as a soon-to-be mother. However, I was again overwhelmed with everything. How do expectant moms know what to buy?!Image
Alongside a plethora of other baby items, look what my mom bought me!Image
My outfit for the day.Image
Spam flavored macadamia nuts…?Image
For those first-time chopstick users. :mrgreen:Image
A late lunch consisted of yummy veggie spring rolls my mom fried up at home & a Trader Joe’s pre-made tomato & mozzarella salad.Image
And how did we end the night? Korean BBQ for $9.99!Image

4 thoughts on “April fun in L.A – Day 3 & 4”

  1. You don’t even look pregnant in those photos! πŸ˜›
    I used to hate black bean paste when my dad used to order it when I was younger but now I definitely have the taste buds for it (red bean too!).

    PS. Where did you see those chopsticks?


    1. Black bean noodles are my ultimate favorite! But the quality of the noodles definitely affect the overall dish.

      I saw them @ a Japanese market called Marukai. It’s in Torrance on Sepulveda Blvd. Fun stuff!


  2. I am a totallllll ddeok lover and those look so yummy!!! And I can’t believe you’re featuring pupusas here because I’ve been craving them so much lately.


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