I’ve been nominated…


… to be a 2013 Yelp! Elite member. Cool. I didn’t know people actually read my reviews. My reviews are public, solely based on my personal experiences and are densely focused towards Los Angeles county – Koreatown and the South Bay. Check it out if you are interested. 🙂

And here is a quick recap of my eats yesterday:

Breakfast: 2 granny smith apples + cinnamon. Starbucks grande soy latte. (We ran out of cinnamon at home so I shook some on from Starbucks…)


Lunch: 2 packets of instant apples + cinnamon oatmeal (a running theme for the day it seems) with a medium banana.


Snacks: 3 servings of unsalted saltines. Almost an entire bag of Hot Cheetos.


Dinner: La Granja. 1/3 fire-roasted chicken with yellow rice, potatoes & carrots. I’m slowly starting to crave meat again. Yay!


And to end the post with a little humor…


Have a safe & relaxing weekend! Happy 4/20…? 😛

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