Which Caribbean island am I on?


I don’t think I’ve ever went into detail about where the hell I am! 😛  So here goes:

  • I am living and working on the Caribbean island of Curaçao [KEWR-ə-sow] with my husband.
  • Curacao is part of the ABC of the Caribbean. (A = Aruba, B = Bonaire, C = Curacao). Curacao is actually bigger than Aruba or Bonaire but not as developed as Aruba. I hear that Aruba reminds tourists of Miami.
  • Curacao’s main language is Papiamentu & Dutch but English, Spanish, Portuguese and a myriad of languages are spoken fluently as well.
  • The weather here is horrible for individuals with unruly hair or oily & acne-prone skin. I would have all 3. The humidity is high and it usually reaches 85-90 degrees daily. Rain? Still 80 degrees. Let’s just say that I’ve never been cold here.Image
  • The rainy season usually ranges from mid-September to March. Mosquitoes are abundant during that time – especially the ones that are as small as a freckle. And no, you cannot see them or feel them until it’s too late. Check out this post if you want to see the full extent of this torture.
  • If you can get over the humidity & the mosquitoes, Curacao is a beautiful country. I have never seen skies or oceans so blue or clouds so low and fluffy. If anyone is interested in visiting, I will be more than happy to help!
  • My husband has been in Curacao since December 2008 and I have been here since July 2011. We are hoping to move back to L.A. some time next year. Even though I am in a tropical paradise, the novelty wears off in a month and nothing beats home. 🙂




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8 thoughts on “Which Caribbean island am I on?”

  1. How beautiful! My BF goes to school in Hawaii and he says the same thing you do, haha. He loves it there, but nothing beats home — in the end. Have a lovely wknd dear!


      1. He’s in his 2nd year of pharm school, so 2 more to go 😦 he usually comes back twice a yr– Xmas and Summer. It’s always so short though!!! I am actually going to visit him for the first time in HI next month! So excited.


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