Pregnancy scare update

Happy Monday! πŸ™‚

I had quite the eventful 3 days. To recap, I was advised from my doctor to go home last Friday. From 7AM up until 10AM, my belly was very round, hard, uncomfortable and even painful from time to time. I have been experiencing this since week 12 so I thought nothing of it. But once it hit the 3rd hour with no let up, I called my doctor for some help. She advised me to go home immediately and put my feet up. She couldn’t see me that day but told me to come in bright and early on Monday. She also told me to track how many times this tightening occurred & for how long over the weekend. 😦


I went home and went to bed straight away. I woke up after a 30 minute nap and felt loads better. My stomach was noticeably softer and the baby was making small movements. The funny thing is that this tightening of the stomach never happens on the weekends. It’s only when I’m at work. I’m thinking it could be stress-related?

However, I went in for a check-up this morning and she suspects that I’ve been feeling actual contractions due to a vaginal infection. But before she prescribes me antibiotics, she says it’s best to have further testing done. The lab said it would take 2 weeks for the result. 😦  So, until then, the doctor advised me to just be extra careful and to lie down whenever my belly tightens again. I told my immediate supervisor about my condition but I probably have to inform HR about my need to lie down during work.

If this keeps occurring, my doctor says I would have to work from home or be on bed rest for a few days. I do NOT want that to happen. I like getting ready in the morning, putting make-up on and looking presentable. I like coming into work, talking with my co-workers and feeling productive. We will see.

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy scare update”

  1. I’m glad nothing worse happened on that day, Lisa! I don’t know much about this pregnancy stuff either, but my guess is that stress has to do with it? I hear stress can be that harsh on our pregnant bodies sometimes. Hang in there and I pray that you will continue to feel better and have a normal pregnancy/delivery! πŸ™‚
    Oh yeah, and I noticed that although I haven’t had any contraction related symptoms, at night my belly just feels HUGE, HARD, POINTIER THAN IT ALREADY IS (mind is pointier than rounded), and I’m definitely more swelled up in my hands and feet. So I’m wondering if your doc would be able to tell you whether or not water retention is related to those symptoms?


    1. Thank you so much for your supportive words, Ellie! But yes definitely a myriad of stress, water retention, infection and just pregnancy in general. Every week, every day is different. I just have to hold on tight! I hope you are fairing better than I am with yours! : )


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