Why wear thongs to the gym? Go commando…?

Most of you have probably heard about the recall from Lululemon regarding their see-through exercise pants. I’ve never owned a pair so I thought nothing of it.

Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Architectural Digest

However, I just came across this ridiculous article from a woman claiming that women should stop complaining about visible thongs and to just go commando. She says that “it’s not like flies or ants are going to get in there” and that “while men do indeed find the thong sexy, they have an even stronger preference for women who are wearing no underwear at all.” (Marcotte, Slate.com)

This must be some kind of joke, right?

As some of the women mentioned in the comments, some women prefer wearing thongs to exercise due to the type of exercise they will be doing or just due to personal choice. Lady, sorry to break it to you but some women are not at the gym to pick up men or to have their bottoms be put on display.

I remember another blogger putting up a poll about what type of underwear (or if at all) they wear to the gym. I always wear loose-fitting shorts so I don’t think twice about what kind of underwear I’m wearing. I just know that besides when I swim, I always have some type of underwear on.

– Do you have a preference? 😉
– What are your thoughts on the article?

4 thoughts on “Why wear thongs to the gym? Go commando…?”

  1. Yeah, I mean…you’re just working out you don’t need to wear skin tight clothing — for me that’s so uncomfortable. I always walk or workout in sweatpants and a tshirt…haha


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