I do not like these foods.

This has nothing to do with pregnancy changing my taste buds or cravings. I didn’t think I was picky with my food until my husband noted otherwise. Anywho, here are the bulk of my main dislikes:

Cooked/sauteed/grilled onions
– I love raw onions in my burgers and salads but that’s it. I usually pick out cooked onions, push it aside or eat around it. I basically don’t like the texture. It’s slimy and I just don’t like it.

– Same as the onions; I don’t like the texture. I’ve only tried the ones my mom made but I abhor it. It’s slimy and feels like mush in my mouth.

– I’m not sure if I’m lactose intolerant but I definitely do know that it is an irritant. Perhaps it’s due to that irritant (gassy/upset stomach) that correlates to my dislike of milk or also the fact that I had a horrible vomiting incident at the age of 7 when I drank spoiled milk at my aunt’s house. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Our family of 4 was living in a 1-bedroom apartment at the time and the milk vomit smelled so bad, we all had to sleep on the living room floor for a week. I can still recall the smell.


– Falafels are usually made of chickpeas or fava beans and fried. Falafels are widely popular and I was surprised not to like it – especially since it’s fried! I haven’t tried it in many restaurants so maybe that’s the problem? But the few times I have, I never ended up finishing an entire ball.

French Onion Soup
– Hmmm. This is probably due to my dislike for cooked onions. My husband always orders this dish if we’re at a restaurant and I always try my darnedest to like it… to no avail. 😦

Raw oysters
– Honestly, I don’t understand the concept of eating raw oysters. I’ve heard some people say that you swallow them whole while some say that you are to chew a few times before swallowing. I even read up on this VanityFair article before trying again on one occasion – “The Right Way to Eat a Raw Oyster.” Whichever the case, I’ve tried both ways and have also tried them with a spritz of lemon/cocktail sauce/Tabasco. They smell and taste brine-y and always manage to get stuck in my throat. I hate it.

– If you know me, you know that I love fruit. I can eat fruit all day if I wanted to unless they’re a papaya. I always pick it out or just ignore them all together and throw it out if it’s in my fruit salad. I can’t describe my dislike for this rather popular fruit. It’s just not my cup of tea.

What are some of your dislikes?
– Do you like oysters? And if so, how do you eat an oyster?


2 thoughts on “I do not like these foods.”

  1. Onions, I used to pick them out of my food but I got used to them when I started to cook. I don t like them raw as in salads and sandwiches, only cooked :p

    I love eggplants, milk, falafel 🙂 and seafood! No raw oysters, thank you. All ‘creatures’ well cooked.

    I never tasted papaya but I expect to not like it as I don t like guava, mango and other exotic fruits, I stick to what I know and my favorites are strawberries and peaches.

    I totally dislike yogurt… And cream. Yogurt I never eat but cream it s fine when cooking. And I don t like white cheese, I prefer the yellowish, sweet ones, with olives/herbs/peppers etc. which are more expensive. No common cheap white cheeese ( I don t talk about mozzarella but the regular ones even feta).


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