Disney movies and their correlation to food

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My love affair with books and Disney movies opened my eyes to a culinary feast of different foods. I grew up in a mainly Korean household, so I wasn’t aware of many other Americans foods until I was much older. I remember wondering how they would taste and if it was truly as appetizing as it seemed. Here is a quick rundown of what I remember:

ImageThe Lady and the Tramp
– Everyone knows of this iconic scene. This was actually the first time I saw and heard of spaghetti. The noodles looked so fun to eat and I think I kept harping about it to my mom until she finally bought me a frozen Spaghetti dinner. I remember it being just as delicious as I imagined! ๐Ÿ™‚

Image101 Dalmations
– I really hope I wasn’t the only one that thought Horace’s sandwich was appetizing. When my mom packed me a sandwich for lunch in elementary school, she would always make me ham & cheese sandwiches. That was all I knew. But after my mom bought me the VHS video for this movie, I remember asking her to make me the same: ham and cheese WITH lettuce. I remember this because since the lettuce would make the sandwich soggy, she would have to set it aside separately in my lunchbox. I remember happily munching away. Monkey see, monkey do.

ImageSleeping Beauty
– My eyes were googley-eyed while watching the surprise birthday cake scene for Aurora. My birthday cakes were always a squared, one-layered white cake. I was shocked to say the least.

ImageMary Poppins
– Ah, Mary Poppins. I think this is my most cherished childhood movie. I fell in love with her character. I can’t even remember how many times I re-watched it while growing up. It’s considered a classic in my book.

I loved the scene where Jane & Michael get wet from the rain and Mary Poppins has them drink a tonic before bed. From the same bottle, Jane receives a lime flavored concoction, a red strawberry flavor for Michael and Mary Poppins herself gets a similar red concoction of rum punch. I. Was. Fascinated.


There were 2 other food related scenes that grabbed my attention: When they had a tea party on the ceiling and when the 2 children are eating candied apples in Burt’s make-believe painting. Magic consumed me!

ImageAlice in Wonderland
– When I first watched this movie as a child, I had no idea what mussels were. But what that walrus did HORRIFIED me. I was disgusted and it honestly put me off of seafood until I entered my mid-20’s. I kid you not! You can ask my husband.He’s the one that had to slowly cajole me out of my fear & disgust with anything seafood related.


It also doesn’t help that I had a clam as a pet for 1 day. I know. It’s weird but hear me out! I was not allowed to own a pet growing up. My closest thing/idea was a live clam that my bought from the market one day. I remember putting one inside my pink plastic cup and filling it up with water & salt. I remember happily watching the bubbles come up and knowing that it was alive.

We had spicy clam stew for dinner that night. I had no idea. I remember this quite distinctively because the next morning, my little clam was missing from my cup! I asked my mom where it went and she said that I ate it last night. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ย  THE HORROR!

I hope you guys enjoyed my little tidbit down memory lane. Do you have any to share? ๐Ÿ™‚


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