At what age should a woman get married?

It’s a personal decision. Some women might feel ready by 21 whereas another might feel more secure at 33. Although, I think timing is very important. Isn’t that the case for everything though? 🙂

Here’s a link to some sound offs: Marry Young? HuffPost Editors Sound Off on Whether Women Should

Personally, I had always wanted to marry young and be a young mom. Young as in 22 or 23. I think I was always mentally prepared; but emotionally and financially? Not a chance. 1 out of 3 does not look good.


I met my husband just shy of turning 25. We were engaged by 26 and 27 when we got married (We’re the same age).

  • Did I find the right man? Yes.
  • Was I mentally/emotionally/financially ready? Yes.
  • Was he mentally/emotionally/financially ready? Yes.
  • We wanted & valued the same things: marriage, 2-3 kids, family, travel. We’re still discussing on what kind of dog we should get in the future. I am adamant on a dachshund but he doesn’t like their temperament. WE WILL SEE. 😛

We both don’t believe in soul mates. We don’t think that you become “one” once you get married. We think of it as 2 strangers whose paths somehow crossed, fell in love and wished to walk a new path together.


Marriage is not about dominance or who loves more/less. It’s not a game. It’s not about an argument that you have to win. I believe it’s wanting similar things in life, respecting each other, being kind with your words and being humble.

  • When do you want to get married? Or when did you get married?
  • Marriage is…?

One thought on “At what age should a woman get married?”

  1. I got married at 27 too, couple of months earlier than you :p Marriage is… amazing if you marry the right person, right as in completing each other, having the same goals, wating to make it work. I believe in souls who recognize each other, call it soul mate or else 🙂


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