What I Ate Wednesday Quickie

April so far has been quite good to me. The blessings in life are endless. πŸ™‚

Breakfast: Starbucks grande soy latte. Instant Maple & Brown sugar oatmeal. H20.
Lunch: Chicken breast sandwich with munster cheese on whole wheat. Granny smith apple. H20.
Snack: 6 inch white baguette with margarine. H20.
Dinner: Salt & peppered steak with romaine & a small serving of white rice. Diet coke.
Dessert: 80 calorie Kit Kat bar. Lemon blueberry loaf. H20.



3 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday Quickie”

  1. omgness lemon loaf sounds soooo good right now! Lemon is probably one of my favorite baked good ingredients and now I’m like, at the brink of drooling πŸ˜‰


  2. I love baguettes with butter and jelly! Me and my mom always joke about how we could live off bread and butter. haha


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