Saturday fun in the Caribbean sun

First off, last night’s dinner consisted of an arugula salad with veggie meat, mozzarella balls & cherry tomatoes. Dessert was a probiotic yogurt dressed with a small banana, blueberries and granola. I might have had a little too much granola… 😛



As for today, we took a 30-minute drive to the northwest part of the island to dive into some homemade pizza. I’ve been wanting it for weeks but wasn’t able to due to Paul’s hectic schedule. We finally made the time today to enjoy some sights and enjoy the beachy breeze.


This was our 4th time at Sol Food and was surprised to be surrounded by Americans. Whenever we dine here we’re usually surrounded by Dutch visitors. Our island is technically still part of the Netherlands so many Dutch visitors vacation here as a warm getaway (Dutch is considered as one of the main languages on our island). It’s sort of like how Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands is heavily visited by Americans since they’re U.S. territories. But anyway, it was just nice to be surrounded by accents we’re accustomed to. 🙂


Veggie & sausage pizza with toppings of parmesan cheese, chili flakes and crushed garlic. I stayed away from the chili flakes due to my stomach ailments. I missed the spice but the garlic made up for it. I had 3 yummy slices. My month long pizza craving has finally been subdued!


Paul wanted dessert so we decided to go with the peanut butter brownie with vanilla ice cream, whip cream and chocolate sauce. We had NO idea that the serving size was going to be this huge! All the other patrons went googly-eyed after seeing this. I overheard 2 other tables ordering the same thing afterwards. 🙂

Back at home, I took a THREE hour nap after indulging in a lemon blueberry loaf with Paul. We’re dessert fiends FOR SURE. My husband was sweet enough to let me sleep on his arm for half of it. He said he kept trying to close my eyelids because they kept opening slightly. Weird, I know. My brother and my roomie from college said they always thought I was awake because my eyes were partially open. I think I get this from my dad.

I woke up and headed to the gym for 30 odd minutes. It felt nice to get my body moving again. I didn’t go this past week due to my stomach ailments and pregnancy concerns. I came back and had some plums and a hot Korean grain tea since I wasn’t too hungry from all the yummy eats I had during the day. ‘Twas a good day!


3 thoughts on “Saturday fun in the Caribbean sun”

  1. I love to learn little facts like that! I feel so ignorant for not knowing that it’s mainly a Dutch populated/colonized little place, so I just learned something pretty cool. You should talk a lot more about the Caribbean and the little quirks about it b/c I love learning about culture, teehee. And great job listening to your intuition on being active/not. Sometimes it’s hard to follow our bodies’ cues, but I’m sure we save ourselves a lot of trouble down the road when we do that. 🙂


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