Simply bragging: 4 day weekend for me!

Was my title a bit too in-your-face? 😉

Our little Caribbean island celebrates big time for Easter so everyone is taking a little vacation away from the grind. A public four day weekend is absolutely unheard of in the US of A. The most is 3 days because it is impossible for banks/financial institutions to be closed for longer than that. I would know. I worked for 2 banks.

I don’t have any big plans but I am glad for the time off. My calves, especially my left one has been getting swollen at work due to the pregnancy; they are currently happy being sprawled out on the bed. 🙂

My dinner & dessert that my hubby prepared last night:

ImageAnd my eats so far today:


Vanilla is becoming my favorite ice cream flavor. I’m turning into my parents! Ahh!


Paul and I will be soaking up some sun and sightseeing tomorrow, so stay tuned! Have a wonderful start of your weekend!

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