Are weddings becoming too cliché?

If you recall my previous post about the things I regretted and loved about my wedding, I had a handful of things that I wished I could have done differently. However, after reading a comment from a reader, I realize that I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I kept my wedding simple and tasteful without getting too sidetracked. Your wedding planner, friends, family and PINTEREST will tell you otherwise so make sure to firmly stick to your guns.

When I was planning for my wedding, I knew I got the basic foundation down: colors, venue, theme. Just knowing those 3 things helped shape the rest of my wedding.

My colors that I fell in love with from the get go. Cream, gold and fig. I saw this color schema and knew instantly that this was The One.
I definitely wanted pinecones as a running theme.
I saw this on Etsy but it was much too expensive. I sent my wedding planner this link and I ended up paying less for a similar rendition. A wedding planner was a must for me.
I fell in love with my venue while searching frantically for venues on It was the first venue I saw. I paid the deposit that very day.


I just saw this great article about a woman getting too caught up into ‘pinning.’ Instead of picking ideas that are special and meaningful to one’s relationship, some women might fall into the trap of trying to incorporate everything that looks cute or impressive to others. Trust me. I almost went down this path. You will feel overwhelmed, stressed and completely scatter-brained. Keep everything simple, within budget and most importantly, FUN! Don’t go bridezilla on us! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Are weddings becoming too cliché?”

  1. Ahhh very good point, Lisa! It’s much too easy these days to get overwhelmed with wanting to make everything so “perfect” for others and not for ourselves (the couple). So I feel pretty fortunate that although I did have a good number of PINS, ideas from other sources, etc., in the end I brought it all together to make it reflect mine and Greg’s simplicity, love for cute stuff, and most important of all, budget-friendly!!! hahaha. The last one was definitely on top of my list. 🙂 In the end I think that most brides end up pleased with the outcome because they realize that the union, which is the most important thing, was celebrated on that special day.


    1. Most definitely! What I remember most about my wedding is walking down the aisle with my dad and beaming while looking at my husband. Oh, and crying at the father/daughter dance. It was about our love and union – simple and sweet. ❤


  2. What I remember about my wedding is few words from my hubby, a rose I gave him and his happy face… Ah and the silence and street lights when we were in the car… A lovely evening ❤


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