What I Ate Wednesday + Pregnancy

Today started off earlier than usual since I had to get ready for my 7:30 doctor’s appointment. I normally get up early anyway so I had no trouble – it was the husband that was the problem! He’s a night owl. 😛


For breakfast, I blended away some frozen strawberries, extra ice and the rest of my store-bought lemonade for a refreshing and sweet drink. I needed a little something extra sugary to get my little one moving for the ultrasound so I had another coconut covered chocolate donut from yesterday… hehehe. 🙂

My doctor said the baby was doing well. His heartbeat was @ 153/bpm and moving quite vigorously. I loved it. I couldn’t take my eyes off the monitor! ❤  In the past 3 weeks, my uterus has grown another 3 cm and gained another 2 kg. Right on track, the doctor says. 🙂

She performed other tests on me since I was complaining of some minor issues and she thinks it’s best if I went for further testing. I hope the results come back okay. Just a wee bit nervous…


Had the last 2 lychee candies from my snack drawer. I was feeling a bit off after I got into work. I wasn’t surprised though. My blood pressure was 100/50 – my lowest ever! However, my doctor said not to worry since it can sway due to the pregnancy.


Also had a Korean grain tea (미숫가루) to boost my energy until lunch time. I love this stuff. You can drink it with hot water, cold water, milk, etc. All my non-Asian co-workers are HUGE fans of this stuff. I have to remember to bring some more boxes with me when I head back home.


I had a late lunch @ 1PM of 2 boca patties with ketchup & an arugula salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

*Note: For the best house salad & balsamic vinaigrette in Los Angeles, please make sure to stop by the Village Pizzeria in the Larchmont Village. I’ve been a happy customer for almost 8 years!


Random I know but sunk my teeth into some yummy cheese naan as well. Paul was craving Indian food for the longest time and when he asked me if I wanted anything, I couldn’t resist! Delicious. And it didn’t give me any stomach troubles. Yes!


Look what I spotted while running errands after work. Quite the translation.


I had this bowl and another bowl of grapes with a few slices of soft sourdough bread. Thanks to my snacking, I am put off for dinner. Oh well. I made some sensible and some not so sensible choices. Must try to eat more healthily tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. Good night. 🙂

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