Weighty issue: How much do I weigh? Pre-pregnancy and now.

I came across this wonderful post from Brittany Gibbons called, “Why I’m Revealing My Weight on The Internet.”  I found Brittany so inspiring that I decided to reveal my weight & my pregnancy weight woes as well.

Credits to cakespy

To be honest, I’ve been struggling to accept my new pregnancy figure. I’m more accepting of it now but the first 15 pounds were hard to swallow. Pun somewhat intended 🙂  I’ve been keeping a pregnancy journal since the beginning and have been weighing myself every week. It was alarming when the scale would show a 3 POUND increase in just a week.

I was worried about my weight gain because when I compared myself to the other women in the pregnancy forums, the bulk of them had either lost weight or had gained a measly 5-6 pounds in comparison to my 15 pounds. I finally asked my doctor at my last check-up if my weight gain was normal. She reassured me that I was doing fine and that the baby was growing well. She was happy with my current progress and told me to keep on doing what I was doing. Ever since then, I’ve been more accepting of my changing body and just happy that my belly is a-growin’.

Every woman’s body and needs are different for a growing baby. My body obviously knew that I didn’t have enough fat stores in the first place since I had exercised & dieted too severely for my recent wedding in October. It’s just re-compensating for the stressful past year and giving a great temporary home to my son. I am amazed and thankful to my body.

Pre-pregnancy weight @ 5’6: 129
Current weight @ 21 weeks: 148

Almost 20 pounds. I have about 19 more weeks to go. Holy cow, batman. 😉

Most sources will tell you that the recommended weight gain should be 25-30 pounds. You know something, Internet/judgmental friends, family and peers? I call you out on that 30 and raise you at least another 10.


2 thoughts on “Weighty issue: How much do I weigh? Pre-pregnancy and now.”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Lisa! i know that it can be quite alarming when you find out that you gained XXXX pounds so soon, and I went through that same thing and thought I was going to impose health risks on myself and Selah…however, I’ve come to find out that my body itself hasn’t changed all that much (aside from the huge belly) and that I’m eating very healthfully 90% of the time and still exercising when I have energy, so that tells me that all women’s bodies ARE different. And you know what? I also hear that for many women who are more health-conscious, the weight seems to balance/stagnate itself once we hit a certain point. So if we’ve been gaining 15 pounds in 2 months, the next 2 might not mean 15 pounds again, but much less. Oh and also, our babies and womb elements are all different as well as some women have crazy amount of amnio fluid, and some do not. I hope this gives you some comfort, and I think you seem to be doing your best, so way to go Lisa!


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