What are your turn on/off’s?


This list is compiled from my past experiences with men.

Turn on:
1) Sense of humor. I think this is the case for everyone, no?
2) Confidence.
3) Eye contact.
4) Buying me flowers. I don’t care if it’s a waste of money. I love receiving them.
5) Making plans ahead of time.
6) A nice guy but not a push-over. I can easily walk all over you. Interest? Gone.
7) Family man.
8) Calling me when you say you will. Calling me to inform me that you’re running late for our date. Basically letting me know that I’m one of your top priorities.

Turn off:
1) Arrogance.
2) Neediness.
3) Attention whore & needing to go out to bars/clubs/Vegas frequently.
4) Too touchy-feely from the get go. Back off, yo.
5) Guys who are way into the newest phone, game console, clothes, etc. I find that frivolous.
6) Gamers. (Unfortunately, my husband fits into this one.)
7) Wussies.
8) Guys who spit game. It’s pitiful at our age, son.

What are yours? 😉

4 thoughts on “What are your turn on/off’s?”

  1. My biggest turn on is open-mindedness. Turn off? Selfishness and liking Dave Matthews Band.
    Love this list. I’m glad my fiance doesn’t enjoy gaming, although I do kind of like playing Wii and Guitar Hero on occasion.


    1. Definitely. I forgot about selfishness and also being a narcissist.
      Wii and Guitar Hero are fine in my book! It’s those others like World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, Diablo, etc. My husband can literally sit there all day! Hmph!


    1. Definitely. My friend texted me the morning of my wedding saying that she couldn’t make it. I had JUST seen her 2 days prior at a mutual friend’s birthday party. She seemed a-okay to me! Major let down.


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