Wedding Do-Over?

Good morning! Happy Thursday to everyone!
I wasn’t so lucky this morning. I had a restless night thanks to a very upset tummy so I thought plain oatmeal would help. I opened my Quaker Oats plastic lid and screamed back in disgust. My nocturnal husband woke up in fright and asked if I was okay. I just pointed at the oats. Brimming to the top were countless live moths. I have a fear of bugs. I was way more than grossed out. 😦

I only ate it 2 or 3 times since I bought it but haven’t eaten any in the past 2 weeks or so. My husband thinks a moth laid some eggs in there while I was using it last time. I really hope so. Because I’m thoroughly grossed out by the fact that my oats were contaminated even before I bought it.

But it is the Caribbean. I’ve had to throw out countless ready-to-eat pie crusts because there were dead/alive bugs embedded into the crust. Disgusting, I know.

But ANYWAY, back to the original subject matter at hand. I saw this article, “Wedding Do-Over: Brides Reveal What They Would Have Done Differently In NY Magazine” and thought I should put in my 2 cents.

Wedding Do-Over Checklist
You can click on the above link to get a closer look.

What do you regret splurging on?
– I regret paying for all my bridesmaids rental dresses & alterations. If I could do this over again, I would still pay the flat rental fee for them but have them come in first for a fitting BEFORE I order the dresses. I would also have made them pay for the alterations. It was a nightmare. You’d be surprised at how many of them don’t know their true size. The alterations cost more than the dress itself. I was pissed and felt stupid at the same time.

What did you do with your dress?
– I rented mine for $800. I wanted a tasteful dress but didn’t want to pay the outrageous price to buy it.

My maid of honor and me.

If you paid for your own wedding, how long did it take to pay off?
– We were thankfully able to pay for it in full. My husband hates debt.

Did you use a wedding planner?
– Yes! I’m so glad I did. My vendors came from people she had already worked with and it was easy as pie. I don’t know if she was necessarily worth $3,000 but I was willing to pay the price since I was planning my wedding via the internet & emails.

Did you register? And if so, how many gifts did you return?
– Yes but at Since we were living abroad, we didn’t need any new pots or pans. We asked everyone to chip in for our honeymoon instead. It was an awesome decision! If any of you are planning on doing this and need some advice, feel free to ask.

What part of your wedding is the most memorable?
– There were 2. One was when I was walking down the aisle and the other was my father-daughter dance. I couldn’t stop crying! I wasn’t bawling but the tears just kept on a-comin’.

What memories make you cringe?
– I saw some of my friends grab their food and trollop out of the main dining room to eat elsewhere on their own. I found that annoying.
– When it was time to dance, some of my friends thought they were too cool to dance. They were just sitting there like lumps on a log. I had to ask my wedding planner and some of my bridesmaids to tell them to dance. I didn’t think dancing would have been a problem since they love clubbing so much. It’s sad to say but my wedding helped me realize who I should weed out of my life.

What do you wish you spent more on?
– I wish I had spent more money on flowers & decorations.

What do you wish you paid more/less attention to?
– I was in such a daze that I didn’t really pay attention to every little detail that my wedding planner and I planned out. Everything was gorgeous but I wish I had more time to let it all soak in instead of jetting off to take pictures left and right.

All in all, my wedding was beautiful and I don’t ever want to change what I felt that evening. I learned a lot from wedding planning and my wedding itself. It truly was a life-changing experience. But obviously not something I would prefer doing ever again! πŸ˜›

Good luck to all of you soon-to-be-brides!

7 thoughts on “Wedding Do-Over?”

  1. I’m in the same “boat”, 7mths tmrw since I got married πŸ˜€ I wouldn’t change anything, btw my dress price was 200$ and we just offered some rice and chicken to our guests, I had cake too! Not really into decorations and stuff, we wanted to keep it as simple as possible and we did! We just cared to be married off lol!


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