How I found out I was pregnant

Disclaimer: This post may contain language that can be deemed as inappropriate for men. Ok. Some women may apply. So watch out! 😉

I found out I was pregnant on the 22nd of November. My period was late but I didn’t  think much of it since I had missed my period for the last 3 months. I think it was due to wedding stress and just not taking care of my body. However, on the 20th of November, I awoke to dark brown spotting. I thought, “FINALLY! The crimson tide has arrived!” But for the entirety of the day, it was just smudges of brown that eventually disappeared into the evening. I became suspicious. I looked up what it could mean and I came across implantation bleeding. “Interesting,” I thought. I ran out and bought 3 pregnancy tests.

Most of the websites suggested to test in the morning since the urine & the HCG levels would be the highest with the first stream. After 3 minutes, I couldn’t believe I was looking @ a faint hint of a double line!!! I jumped on the bed and awoke my husband. It was 6AM. He doesn’t get up until past 11. 🙂  We were both ecstatic and beyond thrilled. However, just to be sure that it wasn’t a fluke, I tested again 2 days later.

ImageThe line was darker! I immediately called to see my gynecologist the following day.


I was upset when I saw her. She performed an internal ultrasound on me and said she couldn’t see a sac. What she DID see were small cysts on my right ovary. She diagnosed me with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and stated that I probably received a false positive reading from an egg not ovulating properly. I was devastated. I was beyond crushed. I went in hopeful for a baby and came out with a diagnosis that could possibly crush my hopes of ever having a baby naturally.

However, she still had me get my blood drawn just in case. And she suggested I come back in another week to confirm the non-pregnancy. 😦


A week later, I find out that my blood work had come back and that I had HCG in my blood! Only 167 but still something than nothing! And when she performed another internal ultrasound on me, she and I both saw the same thing: my baby starting to grow. I’m getting emotional as I write this because it was such an intense moment. I felt like that week was an eternity. I felt like I was holding my breath for a miracle. And it came. My baby was there & she calculated that I was about 3 weeks pregnant. No wonder she wasn’t able to see him the week before! He was too small to be seen with the naked eye.

Practicing for the weeks to come!
@ 3 weeks 1 day. I’ve always had a little pooch. 🙂

My gynecologist was being such a sour puss. She said that since my HCG levels were so low, she wanted me to get my blood drawn again in 2 weeks to make sure that my HCG levels were rising. She said that we had to be sure that the baby was growing. She totally killed the Cloud 9 I was zipping away on. 😦

Well 2 weeks later and after more held breaths, she finally concluded that I was officially pregnant when she saw my HCG levels soar into the 2,000s. 🙂  That was the week we told our parents via Skype. My mom said she knew it and my mother-in-law was like, “I’m too young to be a grandma!”

There were hardly any changes in the first few weeks but I thought it would be a fun way to celebrate our growing baby. 🙂

@ 4 weeks 1 day.
@ 5 weeks 1 day.

ImageAnd yes. This is a honeymoon baby<3
If you want to get pregnant, go to Italy. Kim Kardashian can attest to that. 😉

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      1. Temporary living it’s called, I guess… i may stay gor half year or more 🙂 but not in Rome, in the North, close to Venice…


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