Ecclectic eats over the weekend

Paul and I pretty much rolled around at home. I loved every minute of it. I also took 2+ hour naps each day and enjoyed a fat hot dog while watching The Hobbit. I thought it would be too drawn out but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m glad I let Paul drag me along. : )

I stuck with fruit for my breakfasts. Even today. Light and refreshing. Great way to start the day.

Saturday: Ordered a small plain Caprese sandwich on white @ Quizno’s for lunch. I couldn’t finish the tail end so Paul happily obliged. Split some waffle fries with Paul.

A treat for later! : )


We were feeling filthy. So we meandered over to our nearest KFC for some rare filth. I had 5 hot wings, 1/2 a twister (they weren’t that good), 1 delicious biscuit and a small side of mac ‘n cheese. It was so greasy that I finished this in a little over an hour. No more KFC for us… unless it’s for a random biscuit. : )

On Sunday, I had another fruit tray for breakfast and had a loaded hot dog with some popcorn for lunch. And proceeded to have some Korean food for dinner. I’m craving my mom’s cooking. : (

ImagePan fried Spam, white rice and 된장찌개 (Tofu miso stew).

ImageImageI also made simple 김밥 (kim bap) with leftover white rice and roasted seaweed. Hit the spot!

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