We partied like it’s 12/12/12!

Well, it was and it was just for our company Christmas party. 🙂  And I actually came home early because I was beginning to get ravaged by those pesky mosquitoes. While I’m typing away, my husband is probably socializing and drinking his 6th gin&tonic. I told one of the guys to drop him off when they were through. 😛

ImageOur fake Christmas wreath. Time to glam it up for once!

The buffet choices were mediocre but they got the job done. I had some rice, turkey with cranberry sauce, 2 yummy rolls, a potato and some olives. Oh, and 7-Up.

My favorites were the cupcakes and the gingerbread men. I love gingerbread anything!

Me and my hubby ❤

Our company party was held at the beautiful Marriott hotel.

Melissa&Mark. They are going to have some tall children in their future.

Look at her legs! Her hips come up to my waist!

ImageWe both wore backless dresses. Sexy time!

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