Mosquito bites = constant torture.

I don’t know if this is TMI but just in case it is: Heavily mosquito bitten leg ahead!

This is just to document that I’m not joking when I say I’m constantly being bombarded by mosquitoes in the Caribbean. These bites are red, hard, angry and swelling up with every scratch. I think it depends on each person’s blood and if they have sensitive skin.

I actually stopped going out anytime after 6PM because no matter how much I sprayed myself with insect repellant, those pesky mosquitoes would find some area that wasn’t sprayed and go to town. For example, a sneaky mosquito somehow managed to fly under my arm and bite my armpit. Now I know I have to spray my armpit with insect repellant when I go out.

Even at home, I have to always be wearing thick socks and wool leggings. I was in the kitchen one night making quesadillas and I remember having itchy feet. An hour or two later, I realize a few mosquitoes were actually biting my foot because they didn’t have access to my well covered legs. I received 6 bites in under 10 minutes. And yes, one even managed to bite the bottom of my foot.

I normally go to sleep with thick leggings, wool socks, a long shirt and a hooded jacket if necessary. I am not joking. I remember waking up one morning with a mosquito bite on my face. They couldn’t attack my body so they actually bit my face! I can’t tell you how upset, CRAZY and sometimes depressed I am because of this. I can’t even count all the scars I have, especially on my legs.

But what can I do, right? I have to suck it up and deal with it until we finally move back to the States. It’s an understatement when I say that I can’t wait to move back.

ImageMind you, these bites occurred when I was in my well air-conditioned desk at work. Someone opened a window and forgot to close it. 😦

And no, Paul doesn’t get attacked as much as me. Even if he gets any bites, his skin doesn’t react all crazy like mine. And since the mosquitoes prefer my blood it seems, why would they go for him when they have me, right?


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