We got through the hump!

Wednesday has practically come and gone for me since I’m already washed up and in my pajamas. 🙂  And since I haven’t done this in awhile, here are today’s eats and some updates from the week past.

Breakfast: I had a doctor’s appointment so I was stuck with a bottle of water.
Lunch: Deli France’s caprese sandwich (fresh mozzarella, roasted bell peppers, lettuce, pesto, pine nuts) on white with 1/2 a can of ginger ale.
Snacks: Tall decaf soy latte. 1 full cup of ruby red grapefruit juice. Handful of green seedless grapes. Stacy’s Baked Gingerbread Pita Chips! I love gingerbread! And a couple of Dove peppermint bark chocolates.

Dinner: 1/4 of a rotisserie chicken. Rather boring after all my yummy snacks but because of my cornucopia of snacks, I was craving some protein.

Girl chat 2 Sunday’s ago with a bottle of wine.. oh and a shot of vodka. 😛  No more booze for me for awhile!

Chicken taco night at home. Yum!

Our first Thanksgiving as man and wife. I know. It was as good as it looks. I didn’t like the stuffing or the mashed potatoes so Paul ended up eating my share. This was roughly almost $30 a person. Isn’t that asinine?! I was still hungry so we ended up going to the movies and watching Wreck-It Ralph while enjoying some nachos and sweet popcorn. You gotta roll with the punches!

Our invitation to our company’s Christmas party. Milky smooth Guerlain chocolate inside!


Paul’s having to resort to his contact lenses since he stepped on his glasses during his Insanity workout. We dropped by the optometrist to peruse the store and guess what we saw? ‘Blackface’ Sinterklaas servants peppered everywhere in the store. Take a look at my previous post for more information about Christmas in the Caribbean.


Quiznos’ Greek flatbread wrap for lunch last weekend. It was good initially but had a strange aftertaste. I don’t think I’ll be getting it again.

La Granja’s lomo saltado with spaghetti instead of rice. This was unbelievably tasty. We had La Granja for the past 3 consecutive Sunday’s. I think I’m going to order this again this week. 🙂

Paul made me lunch a couple of days ago. Mushroom & cheddar omelet with pickles & a romaine salad with ranch dressing. And yes if you can tell, I am happy to no longer be on my wedding diet. I am very happy.

Snacks of walnuts, dates and some peanut butter chocolate bells.

I lost the backing to one of my wedding earrings and Paul insisted on replacing it. We somehow ended up @ Tiffany’s. 😛  The sales lady said my earrings were custom made so it would be hard to find the right sized backing. She finally found one but they didn’t sell individual backing’s. Sooooo Paul decided to just buy me a pair that had backing’s that fit my wedding earring. No trick involved ladies!


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