Christmas already in the Caribbean?

Our little Caribbean island doesn’t recognize our American holiday of giving thanks and gorging on a smorgasbord of delicious foodums. But they do love Christmas and Sinterklaas!

Sinterklaas is a traditional Winter holiday figure still celebrated by the Low Countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium as well as French Flanders (Lille) and Artois (Arras). He is also well known in territories of the former Dutch Empire, including South Africa, Aruba, Suriname, Curaçao, Bonaire, and Indonesia. He is one of the sources of the holiday figure of Santa Claus in North America.”

And while I was chatting up with a gal pal @ Starbucks this past Sunday, we were lucky enough to run into some of Sinterklaas’ servants…

“A Zwarte Piet (Black Pete, plural Zwarte Pieten) is a servant of Sinterklaas, usually an adolescent in blackface with black curly hair, dressed up like a 17-th century page in a colourful dress, often with a lace collar, and donning a feathered cap.”

The locals dressed up but they still had “blackface.” This screams racism but this is only seen as part of tradition and just natural for the locals and the Dutch people here. My friend and I were shocked but amused at the same time. We didn’t know how to react honestly.

And just a quick update on what I’ve been eating since I came back. Enjoy!

I’ve been loving these seedless red grapes. Good produce is hard to come by on the island and when it does, I hoard! 😛

Stacy’s Parmesan Baked chips and walnuts. Love the crunch!

I grabbed 6 of these packets from Whole Foods when I was in LA. I wish I had bought more! I prefer these over Nutella. Yup. I said it! 🙂

Eggs made a comeback last week. Can’t get enough for some reason! Garlic too! They were pan-roasted.

Paul and I were both running late and decided to order Pizza Hut. He asked for half Veggie and half Supreme. 1.5 hours later, guess what we got? We got the veggie but we got half a tuna & raisin pizza. It was bizarre!

We also went to La Granja for the past 2 Sunday’s. We love yummy food that has already been cooked and prepared. Food arrives in 5 minutes. Yes!

A garlic aioli, mayonnaise & ketchup mix, some kind of creamy pesto and our favorite spicy sauce.


I am thankful, grateful for everything the good Lord has given me. The good and the bad, every high and every low is a blessing for everything has a purpose. 🙂

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! Come to the Caribbean for some sunshine!



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