Random vent: Morons. The whole lot of them.

I find stupid people annoying. Stupid as in having no trajectory in life. They only go through the motions. They STILL want and NEED to be accepted by their peers. These people cannot be genuine because they possess no sense of their Self. As I’m getting older, I unfortunately see more and more of this dreadful demise in character. It is fake and it rubs me the wrong way.

I don’t understand people anymore.

I think I am genuine. I may come off as inappropriate or strange but that’s me. I don’t wish ill on others. I follow this verse to the best of my ability: “Do onto others as you would have others do onto you.” I laugh loud and burp in public. I, sometimes remember to excuse myself. I wish the best for everyone and for everyone to find happiness, love and good health. Simple but enough. Why don’t a vast majority of my friends not see this? They are chasing something that I find extremely trivial and vain. They don’t appear to very happy for one another and I find this sad.

Morons. The whole lot of them.

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