And our wedding adventures begin!

This is my post from last Thursday. I came back from my Vegas bachelorette party late last night and I am completely exhausted! But I loved every minute of it. More on that in another post. : )

Thursday: I am currently writing this as we wait for our flight to Los Angeles. Paul and I woke up at 5AM and got picked up by a taxi. There was relatively low traffic at the airport in both Curacao and Miami so everything was thankfully a breeze. Paul’s good friend from the island, Tillman who is originally from Tennessee is joining Paul in Vegas for his bachelor party and for our wedding. He’s a great guy and we’ve all been getting along fabulously. He even let me finish his caramel brownie at lunch! What a guy! : )

ImageThe guys waiting at the Curacao airport. Body language is spot on, I must say. : P


Lunch at The Counter for our custom built burgers. This is my 3rd time at The Counter and I’ve loved it every time! You can’t go wrong with their sweet potato fries and chipotle aioli sauce. Money!

ImagePaul’s turkey burger with Tillamook cheddar, jalapeno, sautéed onions, hardboiled eggs and grilled pineapple on Texas toast. The burger was fantastic but he says the toast was too flimsy.

Tillman’s concoction with a side of shoestring fries.

My veggie patty with horseradish cheddar on top of a bed of mixed greens with hardboiled eggs, chili verde, dill pickles and avocado. Sprinkled a light dash of balsamic vinaigrette with my fork.

My order of sweet potato fries that I of course finished.

How can we say no? : P

ImagePaul and I each ordered a white chocolate macademia nut cookie sandwich (vanilla ice cream). So good!

ImageI only ate half of my cookie sandwich. I wrapped the other half in my napkin so I can eat it on the plane. I’m smart! : )


This is the caramel brownie that Tillman let me finish. It was soft, gooey and I definitely had more room for this beauty. They were amazed at how quickly I finished his remaining half. I’m not. : P

We had about 1.5 hours to kill so I walked about for some exercise. Look at the awesome things I found!


This was obviously sealed for my protection. I couldn’t open it. Instead of easily tearing it by twisting the cap, I went about tugging the top of the stick with my teeth. Paul helped me. He laughed. And possibly snorted. : (

ImageWhile I was taking a picture of this “couple,” a random  lady offered herself to take “our” picture. How nice!

After a 6-hour flight we came home to a delicious Korean spread! My mom whipped this all up after she finished work. She is AMAZING. She is the embodiment of superwoman<3


Korean short ribs (갈비찜). Paul INHALED this. I appreciated the smell. : )

Spicy squid with vegetables (매운 오징어). I ate more than 3 servings with white rice. So goooooood.

That was Thursday! I’ll update more when I get a chance later on. Have a great week!


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