Happy Curacao Cultural Week!

It was Curacao Culture week at the office. The members of our company’s social committee passed these sugary Curacao goodies along to everyone. Coconut is huge here. Love it!



I am known as the sugar fiend. I will devour everything and anything with sugar. I can easily eat half a dozen donuts in 5 minutes. Don’t tempt me! But man. These little sugary devils got me all sugared out! I think it’s a first!

To shake off some of the sugar rush, I decided to go for a walk. And I realized I had remembered to bring my camera to work today. Yes! πŸ™‚

Our office is located inside a hotel, so our backyard is pretty much a nice resort. I have it pretty good.


Windy today!

Since I’m leaving next week to get married, my favorite ladies on the island treated me out to lunch. They wanted to throw me a nice brunch this Saturday but I suggested something more casual and low-key. They know I like it this way. πŸ™‚


I just came back from the gym and am nursing my sugar hangover. I feel dehydrated, tired and sleepy. But I love sugar…… 😦


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