October is finally here!

I have been waiting and anticipating for this month since last December! : )

My agenda for next week (this list will help me remember):

Thursday, October 11
– Land around 6PM. Have dad and brother pick us up.
– Have family dinner @ Beni Hana.
– Buy Vegas drinks/snacks

Friday, October 12
– Drop Paul off @ airport around 9:30AM
– Dermatologist appointment @ 10:40AM
– Haul Vegas drinks/snacks into Tarisa’s car.
– Have lunch with Tarisa
– Final wedding dress fitting @ 2PM
– Take taxi to airport for 8:30PM flight to Vegas!!

Saturday, October 13 – Sunday, October 14
– Discretion is advised. Half-joking. I’m not going to go completely bonkers. 😛
– Catch flight back home for 5PM flight

Monday, October 15
– Mama submitted her vacation days for a week. Yay! : )

Tuesday, October 16
– Pick up rings and pay remaining balance on Paul’s ring @ 2PM
– Pick up Paul from airport @…. hmmm, I should ask. I’m glad I started compiling this list!

Wednesday, October 17
– 5:30PM meeting with mc+dj+lighting team.

Thursday, October 18
– Wedding rehearsal & rehearsal dinner

Friday, October 19
– Hopefully, a day of relaxation(or a day of nerves!): get my first mani/pedi/wax(?). Eek.

Saturday, October 20
– Get up by 6AM, wind down with mama & go for a walk with the dogs.
– Pick up maid of honor on the way to the bridal salon
– Get to makeup/hair appointment by 8AM
– Get to venue by 1:30PM

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything!



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