Don’t Tread On Me

I had no idea that weddings were THIS stressful. I was undoubtedly naive about the whole thing. I am completely shocked and embarrassed by the behavior of some of my extended family members. Isn’t this day suppose to be about me? Their niece and grandchild? They are not suppose to make it about THEIR agenda and make their sister and daughter, my mom cry.

It’s really sad and pathetic. I do not want these people in my wedding or my life anymore. They are poison. Instead of acting like 60 and 80 year-old’s (60 and 80!!!), they are acting like complete children. They should be ashamed. I do not want these miserable people at my wedding. Even if they were still invited, they are probably going to pout and bring their negative energy with them.


There will be NO bullying at my wedding. I am not a child anymore. I can speak for myself. If need be, I will fight my mom’s battles for her. They really don’t want to start that shit with me.


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