Fancy eats at Pane e Vino

To celebrate the last 1 month leg until our wedding, we decided to go all out and celebrate at a fancy Italian restaurant. Paul heard a lot of positive reviews from his friends so we decided to give it a go.



When I first looked at this picture, I couldn’t believe it was me. I don’t dress up much while I’m on the island. You would always find me with little to no makeup, shorts and flip flops. I’m not saying I look horrible. I just look my age now. I look 27. It just feels weird!!

Amuse-bouche of bruschetta and shots of pumpkin soup. I didn’t like the pumpkin soup. Too salty. I should have seen it. It was a foreshadowing for the rest of our meals. : (

Our orders were taking a little longer than expected so our waitress brought over some bread and an olive tapenade. Delicious!

I started getting restless and started bothering Paul. He got me back real good with the pictures though.

Didn’t know he was making all those faces! He just kept saying that he blinked or had a booger in his nose and to re-take it! : P

Spicy sauteed shrimp. Tasty but salty.

Paul’s antipasto platter. He thoroughly enjoyed all the different flavors.

Paul’s homemade pasta with goose liver and butter truffle sauce. It smelled heavenly. Paul gives it a 2 thumbs up.

My homemade pasta with clams, zucchini and mushrooms. Paul and I both agree that it had to be the worst pasta we’ve ever eaten. Especially at a fancy restaurant. The noodles weren’t al dente; more like tough and chalky. And everything was salty. I didn’t even finish half of it. : (

I knew what would make me feel better….

Image… gelato!

Oreo and chocolate gelato. Couldn’t eat too much of it because of me being lactose-intolerant. But those bites were fantastic! : )

Hmmm.. spaghetti gelato?

2 thoughts on “Fancy eats at Pane e Vino”

  1. Hahhaa…ummm spaghetti gelato? Who would’ve thunk.
    I hardly dress up either! That when I go out every once in awhile and see a picture later on of me looking normal I get surprised too! haha.


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