Meaty state of the nation

Disclaimer: I’m in no way shape or form trying to condone anyone’s eating habits.

I became a vegetarian in February of this year mainly as an experiment. I wanted to see if meat was the cause for my frequent stomach woes. It was!  I also couldn’t fathom eating animals either. I thought of it very simply: If a cow was my pet that I cared for and loved, would I eat it? No.

I saw these articles this morning and wanted to share them with you.

‘Beefspace’ Visualization Depicts Concentration of Fast Food Chain in the U.S.

The colors now represent the three most influential chains at each point, weighted by cumulative force at a 4:2:1 ratio, where black is McDonald’s, red Burger King, yellow Wendy’s, magenta Jack In The Box, periwinkle Sonic, cream Dairy Queen, green Carl’s Jr., and cyan Hardee’s. Together, you can think of these tweaks as elegantly exposing the subtle contours of market dominance, then splattering them with the individual restaurant locations.


A Map of Every McDonald’s in the U.S.


Wow, right? I mean, mooooo. : P


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