Wedding Budget


Our budget is somewhere around the average wedding. I told Paul that the max would be $25,000 but I fear that that number might have crept up a bit.

In regards to these figures…

– Our venue is right on target with the average. The ceremony+reception+food is in the same location; I think it was around $14,000. And it includes the open bar!

– My engagement ring was a bit more expensive BUT Paul saved a few pennies by paying it all in cash. No tax! It was a nice store but we still had to try to haggle. Don’t be ashamed! : P

– We were able to book an entertainment group that offers a MC+DJ+lighting. Score! I believe it was around $2,700.

– We didn’t budget our wedding favors since my cousin had offered to make them. Unfortunately, she pulled out at the last minute and we had to cash out an unexpected $300. I’m still peeved about this one.

– Our wedding planner was definitely higher than the average: $3,000. But we got a discount by booking her photographer husband for $1,800.Ā  Also, we saved another $100~200 by paying everything in cash. Everybody loves the green! $$$

– No videographer. We both don’t care for it.

– Flowers+decorations were a bit more than the average as well: $2,100

– Free valet for everyone: $450

– Wedding invitations+menu: $700. I hired a woman who specializes in wedding invites. I chose to do letterpress and I’m so glad I did. They are stunning! My wedding invites looked something like this:


– Wedding cake was around $700. Paul and I are gaga over our cake. The bottom 2 tiers are an infamous berry cake with an amazing German chocolate cake for the top tier. We are both dessert fiends so we can’t wait to demolish them.

– Wedding cake topper: $120. We both laughed when we saw it on Etsy. We knew it was the one. It captures our personalities perfectly.

– My parents bought me my wedding dress. It was originally $1,700 but since someone had worn it before, we were able to buy it for only $700. I believe the girl before me rented it for around the same price! Ask for a bargain. I honestly don’t mind that someone wore it before me. Not a deal breaker.

As of this week, it’ll be a month until the wedding. O.M.G.
I was skyping with my mama over the weekend and I was saying, “Yeah. Once I get married and have kids…” and realized that this will be a reality soon! : )*

4 thoughts on “Wedding Budget”

  1. Isn’t it weird how fast life changes? Although I kinda wish some aspects of mine would hurry themselves up šŸ˜›
    How long did u and Paul date until you were engaged?


    1. We dated for a little under 2 years before he officially proposed. But we had already talked about marriage when I decided to pack up my life and move to Curacao with him. That was around the year mark. ALTHOUGH…he said he knew I was The One after the first week. Hehe. šŸ˜›


    1. Thanks, Rebecca! : )*
      I can’t believe how fast the time has flown. And I can’t wait to try on my wedding dress again. I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life. : )


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