Terror of dreams.

My dreams are eccentric to say the least. For some reason, I am unable to distinguish a dream from reality. When I’m in a dream, I believe that it’s real. Even if it’s unfathomably unbelievable and you know it goes against all logic, somehow I always believe in them without hesitation.

I don’t remember more than half my dreams but the ones I remember are terrifying/thrilling to say the least. I’m usually being chased by something or on a quest to find someone/something. I’ve had these type of dreams for as long as I can remember. I usually wake up tired/hungover from all the activity during the night.

Last night was a doozy. A lot more happened than what I’m going to describe but I can’t remember the others. One dream started off with me and a friend in a viking ship. You know, the ones in the amusement parks where it keeps rocking higher and higher until you feel like you’re going to fall off? Then I see that there’s another viking ship parallel to ours that’s going at the same speed and velocity. This is when I get scared because I realize how high up we are. It gets higher and higher until we’re actually upside down. I don’t have straps or anything holding me down. I’m grinding down on my seat with all my might and holding on the handle bars for dear life. I actually feel the gravity pull on me. Then it teeters over and we swing around in a full circle.

I have a lot of roller coaster/water rides and I’m never strapped down.I always feel the gravity and I’m always fearing for my life. Yay, right?

In my second dream, I was locked in a small storage room with a random man. I hear breathing and realize that there’s a creature/monster outside. The monster is trying its’ darnedest to get in the room. It succeeds in breaking through the top windows and that’s when real terror strikes. It’s going to get in. I’m going to die. The random stranger throws some chicken nuggets or something we had with us through the broken window. It quiets but spits out the meat. It’s looking for real meat. Us.

And that’s when I woke up. I’m tired and still sort of shaken up. I’m terrified but also thrilled in my dreams. My dreams are so colorful and full of action. My reality in comparison is vanilla-esque with no big waves. Have you guys watched Sucker Punch? I thought it was a horrible movie but my dreams are similar to the movie.

Any dream interpreter will tell me:
– perhaps I’m afraid of the future because I’m getting married soon and scared of the unknown.
– I’m scared of losing control.
– I have a fear of heights or death. Easy one.
– I’m paranoid of people.
– I watch too many scary movies.


2 thoughts on “Terror of dreams.”

  1. Wow. If I tried interpreting my dreams I would be a mess, haha. My dreams are so complicated, detailed, and … random.
    Maybe you’re just stressed out about the wedding :/


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