Tired to the bone.

I have no idea why I’ve been so tired this week. I’ve been sleeping 10-11 hours a night. The other night, I slept at 8PM and woke up at my normal time of 7AM. I’m not pregnant. I’m not working out that much. Work hasn’t been that taxing on the brain. Lack of iron and protein? Stress from wedding? Abrupt caffeine shortage? All of the above probably.

Morning: Starbucks venti unsweetened shaken black tea lemonade. 2 sliced granny smith apples with cinnamon.

Lunch: Large fruit box of diced pineapples and cantaloupes. 1 cup of Cheerios. H20.

Afternoon: 1 grapefruit. 2 bowls of Cheerios with unsweetened almond milk. 2 segments of Ritter white chocolate hazelnut. Took a 3 hour “nap.”

Dinner: 1 slice of cheese pizza. Diet coke. Shared a medium bag of regular popcorn. Watched Lawless. Loved it. I highly recommend it. I have a crush on Tom Hardy now. I also find Henry Cavill and Christian Bale attractive. I had a major crush on Christian Bale since 1994 though. He was Laurie from Little Women. I was probably more in love with his character. Paul finds Alessandra Ambrosio to be his ideal. Pish posh. : P


I wanted to hit the hay an hour ago but my hair is still wet from my shower. I begrudgingly took a shower. At least it’s Friday tomorrow! A weekend of sleep and relaxation waits ahead. : )


2 thoughts on “Tired to the bone.”

  1. Omg I loved Mr. Bale a la Little Women. I loved that movie! Still one of my favorite books as well. Hope you feel more upbeat this wknd dear.


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