Wedding crash

I mentioned that I scalded my tongue last week on coffee. I don’t think that’s the case. I’ve been suffering from a painful burning sensation on my tongue since Friday. I haven’t gotten one in years yet I have 2 canker sores on the side of my tongue and I have a very sore throat. I think this is all due from the wedding crap last week. : (

I was also very tired today. I took my first afternoon “nap” that lasted over 2 hours. My body feels lethargic and worn out. I hope I’m not getting sick. : (

Hmm. Not the best day for eating.

Morning: Starbucks hot grande cafe latte with soy milk. Bubbilicious gum in Strawberry. Finished all 6 pieces.

Lunch: Crumbled tofu on 2 Boca patties with a squirt of ketchup. Bottle of water. One-serving bag of Trix cereal.

Afternoon: Can of corn. 2 spoonfuls of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. Zonked out.

Dinner: Tuna salad with tofu, hummus, mustard, onions and yellow bell peppers. 3 slices of wheat bread smeared with strawberry jam and sunbutter. 2 pieces of Ritter Cornflakes milk chocolate. I feel nauseous now. More sleep needed.

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