How was my Saturday?

Morning: Missed breakfast due to oversleeping. Dentist appointment at 10:45.

Noon: Caprese salad with roasted red bell peppers and boiled egg whites with ice water. Paul spoon-fed me bites of chocolate and Oreo gelato. We love Oreo/Cookies ‘n cream.

Afternoon: Pilates for 45 minutes. Proceeded to devour a whole loaf of white bread, 2 slices of wheat bread and another 2 slices of wheat bread with strawberry jam while drinking a Starbucks grande caffe latte with soy milk. Oh, also a single size serving bag of Stacy’s Original Baked Pita Chips and a single serving size of Cooooookie Crisps cereal. Jogged/walked for 24 minutes, 3 20-second HIIT intervals and 10 minutes on the elliptical.

Evening: Sipping on soda. Iced hot cocoa for dinner. No appetite. Not surprised. : )*

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