The pressure is on!

As of yesterday, it was officially 2 months until the big day! And honestly, wedding planning has picked up again and has become more stressful than ever. What did I accomplish in the past 4 days? Paul and I picked and paid for the wedding cake topper (extremely cute! our personalities come alive!), wedding favors (since my cousin abruptly decided to pull out the last second), wedding seating chart is almost complete and I finally had the balls to send my wedding planner a curt email about her lackluster performance lately. I am not paying her $3,000 for this bullshit.

My maid of honor and I have also been scrambling to get a location for the bachelorette party. She really worked her butt to pull this off and I am eternally grateful to her. She’s doing everything the way she would want it if it was for her wedding and I love her for it. Paul loves her for it as well. We see her putting her soul into all this planning and no other friend has been this unconditionally giving than she. I am lucky to have her as my maid of honor<3

But I must say, there was a major hiccup today. One of my bridesmaid and some invited guests thought my maid of honor was picking an unaffordable place&etc and of course…. drama ensued. For the next 5-6 hours, I was cc’ed into countless pissy emails betwixt my maid of honor and another bridesmaid. Each email had lengthy paragraphs and if I’m not mistaken, I believe some of them could have easily been an essay. It was awful. You know that feeling when you get water up your nose? I had that ugly sensation for an hour or so. These girls were driving me mad! Thankfully, the girls managed to hash it out and make peace on my account. Thank goodness. I told them not to include me in the next one. It was beastly! Women! : P

I have many new food pictures but I’m not able to post them at the moment. WordPress says I’ve used up the maximum amount of storage. I’m planning on buying more space this weekend so wait just a wee bit! : )*

I officially started my wedding diet yesterday. I’m eating fruits as usual for breakfast, protein-packed (vegetarian) lunches, more fruits for snacks and another protein-packed (vegetarian) meal for dinner. I’m planning to stick to this diet for 5-6 days out of the week and have rice/pasta/bread for one day out of the week. And you guy know how much I love my bread! PB&J sandwiches are like crack to me. I polished off 5 sandwiches before in ONE sitting. I finished an ENTIRE loaf of sliced bread. Carb crazy, much? And of course incorporating the gym, long-distance running and some YouTube Pop Pilates with Cassey. This beginner’s workout kicked my butt into high gear! I have never done Pilates so I had no idea what to expect. It looked simple enough but no….. you burrrrn the next day in places you didn’t know existed. I’m addicted! I’ve been doing it every night. Good luck to me! : )

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