August wedding rant: Clarity

I have learned a lot about myself, my family dynamic and my friends from the wedding planning.

– We are having 100 guests. 50 for each of us. And since family takes up almost half, I can only invite 20 friends. I wanted to make those 20 count so I made sure who I wanted to invite. Some friends easily made it onto the list while I had to deliberate over a few others. The wedding guest list helped me visualize the important people in my life and weed out those who were mere fillers.

– Wedding planning gave me a backbone. I am NOT going to invite family members or friends who are not respectful of my parents or me. I was surprised as hell when I found that my uncle & my aunt weren’t going to attend. Family drama is NOT going to ruin my day. If your ego is bruised from some bullshit 10 years ago that had nothing to with ME, please do not come. Just stay home and wallow in your own bitterness and misery.

– I have seen the good and the bad from friends. Some have been bending over backwards and some have been alarmingly distant and unapproachable. Bitter? Jealous? What is it? I can never understand the reason for such mean girl attitude.

– Why would you send an RSVP card without WRITING DOWN YOUR NAME?!?! This isn’t 1st grade. I really don’t think I have to remind you to WRITE YOUR NAME. Now, I have to send out a mass email so we can remind other idiots who can’t remember to write down their name. Isn’t it common sense?

– Please don’t promise me that you will make my wedding favors as a wedding gift and then back out the last minute. Paul and I had budgeted everything accordingly and now we have to adjust everything from God knows where.

– Why did you lie about your dress size? Embarassed? Sorry sweetheart but this is something that is necessary. Aren’t you more embarassed now since you can’t fit into your dress? Now, we have to order more fabric for the dress. And since I’m paying for the bridesmaid dresses, more money has to come out of my pocket.

– Mrs. Wedding Planner, why am I paying you $3,000 when you don’t update me or do what you say you’re going to do? Firm and annoyed emails will now be coming your way.

I was being way too nice from the get-go. 2 months until the big day. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the grind.


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