August updates on my island life

Since it’s not mosquito season until October, I’m actually very happy with my little Caribbean island. I don’t mind the humidity anymore and I am proud of my all-over tan that I haven’t had since elementary school. Thanks to the new regimen my dermatologist prescribed, my skin is clearing up by the day. My job is wonderfull, my man is awesome and I have made some life-long friends here. Life is not so bad. : )*


Still an avid granny smith apple & cinnamon breakfast eater.


I still prefer sunflower seed butter over any other butter. Nice try though, Wild Squirrel.


My love for sweets will never die. These rice candies are so fun to eat… c’mon. It comes with a sticker. : )  This whole thing just melts in your mouth.


Paul and I have been trying to eat more Caribbean food. We went to the open restaurant in Punda in hopes to find the infamous pancakes that all his co-workers are talking about.


These pumpkin pancakes that the locals make are SCRUMPTIOUS. You don’t even need syrup because the pumpkin batter and flecks of raisins have enough sweetness. The texture reminds me of Korean rice cakes. Thick, sweet and hits the spot.


1.5 hour hike last weekend. I got tanner. My make-up artist forbid me to get any darker…… : P

4 thoughts on “August updates on my island life”

  1. I had pumpkin pie the other day at a gathering and didn’t think I’d be into it since it’s mid-summer (and I’m used to having it in the Fall)…but omg it was SO refreshing!


  2. I was lurking around and enjoy your food piccies and I have to say that the image with green apples and cinnamon are haunting me, especially when I go to buy fruits… somehow I am tempted to get green apples although my favorite fruits are peaches and strawberries lol!


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