Last leg of our L.A. trip: Universal City Walk

We managed to squeeze in a little more fun on our last day.


It’s amazing how much I appreciated a simple walk down City Walk. I have done this dozens of times before but I never appreciated the beauty of L.A. I can’t wait to be back. : )


Sky-diving simulation machine. Can’t wait to try it out next year!


What an animal! : P



Random candy/Hello Kitty store. I honestly believe that Hello Kitty literally blew up in here. Don’t you?


I grew up with Sanrio. Hello Kitty, KeroKeroppi, Spottie Dottie, Little Twin Star (my favorite!), Pochacco, Melody, etc. But I don’t think I was ever obsessed as some people are these days. I don’t understand the fascination of adult 27-year old women obsessing and purchasing everything Hello Kitty. What does it do? They sit there in your room and collects dust! I’m a party pooper. : P


And there is the man of the hour. No shame.


Thought this would give you guys a chuckle. Took this while we were going through security at the Curacao airport.


And came across “The Situation – Style 411” whilst Paul was rifling through the tuxedo catalog. : D

One thought on “Last leg of our L.A. trip: Universal City Walk”

  1. Gosh I haven’t been to City Walk in years! I’ve been wanting to go to Downtown Disney (since disneyland is so $$$) :(. Have you been there recently?
    Happy Wednesday 🙂


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