Week of wedding chaos in L.A.

I don’t know where to begin. The week disappeared in a blink of an eye and I am stunned that I am already back on my little island. I am so exhausted that I had to use a sick day today. I am in dire need of sleep and relaxation.

– Paul and I had countless dinners with family, friends, and our wedding officiant. Let’s just say we were aghast at the excess weight we piled on. Wedding diets commence as of today for both of us.
– Got my make-up and hair did and took our engagement photos in Arcadia and Old Town Pasadena. Can’t wait to see them!
– We decided on a wedding cake and put down a deposit after having 2 different cake tastings back to back. Paul, my brother and I easily devoured 2-3 huge slices each. No complaints here! : P
– My bridesmaids threw me the cutest bridal shower at my clubhouse with 11 of my close friends. My cousin even flew down from Seattle and created some delicious baked goods. It’s nice to have a professional baker in the family. Her dessert bar was the icing on the cake!
– Paul and I filed for our marriage license<3
– Paul and I chose our wedding bands and are in the process of picking out engravings.
– My parents and Paul’s parents finally met for the first time. It was awkward in the beginning but copious amounts of soju helped with the nerves. Both sets of parents were happy and more at ease with our soon-to-be union after the dinner. Paul and I are glad. : )
– Met up with my wedding planner and received our beautiful wedding invites!

Wedding cake tasting. You guys know me and my sweet tooth – I was in heaven!


Bridal shower treats


The past 6 days were a whirl of meetings and engagements. I was happy to be home but didn’t have any time to properly hang out with my friends or have a solid family day like I normally do. I miss my home already. I can’t wait to permanently move back next year!

I will post more pictures of my trip on my next post. Good night!


3 thoughts on “Week of wedding chaos in L.A.”

  1. Ahhh I am so close to Arcadia and Old Town Pasadena! 🙂 Where did you guys eat when you were back here??
    Can’t wait to see more pictures and glad you had a wonderful time in LA 🙂


    1. You are?! So cool. I loved Old Pas. Maybe we can meet there for a chat when I move back next year? : ) And new food posts coming soon! Have a great weekend!


      1. Yep! We should definitely meet up next year. You must be excited to move back to Cali (eventually) 😛 Were you only planning on staying over seas for a little while?


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