Fruit ‘n veggie overload

Overloading on fruits and veggies is never a bad thing, right? : )

My weekend consisted of movies, lunching with a friend/co-worker, and contemplating some more wedding details. I know we’re pretty silly but Paul and I were practicing our first kiss as husband and wife. I know, I know! We’re silly geese. We’ve decided to keep it PG-13 and not gross out our parents. And besides, we’re pretty traditional so we probably would have opted out on a full make-out session anyway. : P

Simple Italian salad
Nicoise salad. I hope I spelled that correctly. Crab and smoked salmon salad, basically.
I adore fruit salads. I can have them all throughout the day. Sweet and hydrating!
Veggie sandwich: Hummus spread, romaine lettuce, slice of provolone cheese and 2 sliced raw mushrooms. Yum!
Growing up in a Korean family, tofu is a main staple in dinners. I probably had tofu in some form 3-4 times a week. I love plain tofu but I also eat this snack when I’m not quite sure what to eat. I cut a nice portion and stab it a couple of time with the tines of my fork. Then I try to evenly pour 1 tablespoon of soy sauce. A pinch of black pepper makes such a big difference! It looks like a healthy slice of cheesecake, yes? Don’t answer that. : P
Flavorful broth/soup. I am slowly loving Caribbean cuisine. The flavors are vibrant and full of flavor. They use spices like no one else’s business and it keeps your taste buds dancing until long after you’ve finished your meal. Love it!
@ Ms. Quan’s abode. We played Just Dance on her Wii and laughed like maniacs at our silly selves.
Provisions of blueberries and strawberries during our Wii workout.
MORE fruit salads throughout the weekend
Besides the mosquitoes during the rainy season and the perpetual acne, I’m quite fond of my temporary home. : )
Savages was AWESOME! It’s nothing like the previews. The mood is serious but it’s somewhat like a good-written spoof on all violent drug/cartel movies. Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro are THE stars of this show. It can get a little gory but this movie was all sorts of awesome. Go watch. Oh, I hated Ted by the way. Don’t try to branch out into movies. Stick to cartoons, Seth McFarlene.

Less than 3 months away from my BIG DAY. I still can’t believe it.


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