Anticipated trip back to L.A.

My fiance and I will be heading back home in exactly ONE week! Yay! I can’t wait! : )

My wedding colors: cream, gold, and fig. Aren’t they absolutely perfect for a fall wedding?
If you are engaged or looking for great color combinations, make sure to check out The Perfect Palette. Personally, this website was a lifesaver for me. I saw this color combo and I immediately knew this was The One.

We will be running all sorts of wedding errands:

  1. – 2 different wedding cake tastings
  2. – Wedding day food tasting
  3. – Purchasing of wedding bands
  4. – Submitting papers for our marriage license!
  5. – Wedding dress fitting
  7. – Engagement dinner with the 2 families.
  8. – Engagement photo shoot! I’m still contemplating my 2nd look….
  9. – Meeting with our wedding officiant and wedding planner

I will also have to find time for my dermatologist, a night out with friends, and finding good eats. And this will have to be done, ladies and gentlemen, in 6 days time. Eeek!

Today is our 2 years 4 months anniversary. Paul finds it absolutely ridiculous that I make it a point EVERY month to do something special (I think we’re going out for a yummy lunch/dinner some time this week). But c’mon. I’m getting married in a little over 3 months and am planning to be a mom in 1-2 years. I’m grabbing onto all that I can. : )*


5 thoughts on “Anticipated trip back to L.A.”

  1. Ahh how awesome that you’re flying into LA! How long are you going to be in town for? The weather has been super weird lately…it’s been feeling humid!


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