Monday: Fruit detox for the day

To start off a new week and to readjust the extra helpings of food from the past 3 days, I decided to go on a quick fruit cleanse. I already consume a healthy amount of fruit throughout the day so it wasn’t much of a stretch.

And I don’t know if anyone noticed but I always consume fruit and only fruit for breakfast. Through trial-and-error, I realized fruit is the best aid in my personal digestion and overall satiety in the morning. Hydration is key!

Disclaimer: I have never read a book on fruit detoxing nor have I educated myself in any type of detox so don’t use my one-day-detox as an example of healthy eating. Thank you.

Breakfast from Starbucks: Unsweetened black tea lemonade and fruit box. Drank the Tazo Mango tea later on in the afternoon.
2 granny smith apples sprinkled with a liberal shake of cinnamon. Consumed a large banana right after.
More fruit for dinner. Half a cantaloupe and grapes….
… with a seemingly ripe mango…
… but was not. It was still good though. My taste buds are a fan of sweet and sour. : P
Paul’s dinner: chicken breast with tofu curry over rice. I had a few spoonfuls of the tofu. So good! : )


Spicy sambal chili sauce. SO CHILI! : P
Can’t wait to tackle these bananas tomorrow!

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