Caribbean style Chinese foodums

Paul and I always passed by this Chinese restaurant, Lam Yuen but never attempted to venture inside. It’s located on a busy 4-way and EVERY time we pass by, we always remark that we’ll try it out soon. 10 months later. Paul’s co-workers seemed to really enjoy the place so we decided to try it out for dinner.

I was surprised to see that it actually resembled a Chinese restaurant that I was accustomed to seeing in the States. However, the similarities stop there. The food was passable but we assumed that the cook/chef was not Asian. You can come to this conclusion if you were raised as we were: I found huge raw chunks of cucumbers in my vegetable chop suey. You know they do not belong in there.

A big turn-off was the perpetual stench of stale cigarettes lingering throughout the restaurant. Customers are usually allowed to smoke everywhere on this island. Even in-doors. It’s gross and puts you right off your food. And that says a lot because I used to be a smoker.

I have a feeling that we won’t be stepping into this restaurant again.



Paul’s egg drop soup. He said it was decent.
My order of egg rolls. These have to be the biggest egg rolls I’ve ever eaten. And no. That is not what she said.
It wasn’t bad but not entirely good. They remind me of Costco’s chicken bakes. I wish these egg rolls were as good…..
My vegetable chop suey with white rice.
Do you see that cucumber in there? It was BLEH.
Paul’s pork chow mein. The noodles were way too thin and the dish was overall very salty.

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