We have now both entered our late 20’s.

Paul finally caught up to my old ass. He turned 27 today. I stayed up until midnight so I can be the first one to say happy birthday. I gave him his gift that I bought in LA. A nice pair of Eddie Bauer swim trunks and an authentic LA Dodgers key lanyard. And in an hour or so, I’m going to treat him out to a nice and expensive dinner. I’ll post pictures of the delicious food & scenery in tomorrow’s post. : )

The last 2 days have been chill. More training and meetings at work. I REALLY hope I know what I’m getting myself into. I hate self-doubting myself. I CAN DO THIS! : )*

Paul’s dinner @ La Granja on Sunday night.
Sauteed onions and tomatoes.
My serving of yellow rice, sauteed onions, and roasted potato. So good!
Yesterday’s breakfast: 4 frozen strawberries, 1 large banana, and 1 cup almond milk.
Arugula, baby tomatoes, sliced raw mushrooms, 2 veggie black bean burger patties for lunch yesterday.
Veggie spicy chick’n and leftover potato and yellow rice drenched in spicy yellow sauce for dinner yesterday. Hello yellow! : P
Paul’s birthday lunch from a Dutch sandwich shop: The American Dream. It sure had a lot of crap in it. : P
My simple cheese tosti with ketchup. Why are all my pictures rotating? WordPress is making it vertical when it’s not. >: (
Afternoon snack of cottage cheese & strawberry jam.

3 thoughts on “We have now both entered our late 20’s.”

  1. Ketchup makes everything better 🙂
    Happy Birthday to Paul! And don’t doubt yourself, you can most DEFINITELY do it.


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